Lock CD Text in montage?

I’m working on a couple of large complications in the montage. Entered all metadata - including cd text. Subsequently want to change a couple of gaps between tracks. Usually, I’d use the cd wizard to move everything accordingly with the Generate CD markers selected. However, as I’ve already entered all the cd text - when I use Generate CD makers all the text I’ve entered is deleted. What other way can I retain the cd text & close up the gaps that I want to edit without having to move each track into position manually?

Thanks in advance.

If you only need to change a couple of gaps, I would manually move the clips on the timeline, or manually type in new start times for the clips in the Clips Tab. Assuming your markers are all bound to each appropriate clip and you are in Ripple Global mode, the markers and following clips should move accordingly and no data will be lost.

If that’s too much work, you can consider using the “Align Clips” option found in the Functions section of the Clips tab. (see attachment).

Any time you use “Generate CD Track Markers” in the CD Wizard, it will surely remove and make new markers, and you will lose data.

Brilliant - thanks for your reply Justin P.