Lock Clip time position, while allow moving to another track

Hi. While editing material in sync with video, it’s important to keep clips in sync position and protect accidental moving.
Lock clips postion only option and allow moving to other track will very usable.

This has been around almost forever: Just hold down the Ctrl key while moving between tracks (under Windows, that is).

No. Holding Ctrl is unusable to keep clips out of accidental clip movings. It’s not real to hold Ctrl each time when mouse is near clip.
Clips for video needs al type of editing, except move out of sync.

CTRL is locking the movement in one direction…
if you move up down, e.g. between tracks no change in position will occur
and it changes if you hold the button before you click or afterwards

Hi all. This topic is not about “How to keep clips sync position during moving clip” but about “How to protect accidental movement of clip during other operations.” During selecting several clips or scrolling it is happening me that first clip is slightly moved. And that is what I want to protect.

You are absolutely right.
“Lock in Time” has been a feature request since Back To The Future II was released.
I’ll renew that for you.