Lock computer issues

Hi there,

I found out when I lock my computer and once I unlock it, Cubase gets really unreliable and sometimes completely unresponsive. To the point, I need to force shut it down completely.

I am trying to use the lock features sometimes to protect against intruders (student, child) when I need to have a coffee, a break, whatever.

Is there anyone with some kind of solution for it?

Thank you.
Wash your hands :slight_smile:

Cubase 10.5, PC, Windows 10. All updated.

Unplug the qwerty keyboard and take it with you ?
Power down the computer ?

Basically, it is a laptop and there is not way to unplug the qwerty keyboard.
The issue still going, meaning I cannot lock my laptop at all.

No hibernation, no sleep, no logging off. I just want lock it for short period of time.

Thank you for your reply.

There used to be screen savers that requires a password to show the screen again.
Then engage that with a hockey maybe.