Lock Individual Markers (Just like Events)

I’d like to be able to lock individual markers instead of the entire track…

For example, sometimes I want to enter in manually a marker ID number, but then function re-organize the rest without the locked ones being affected…

ie, any marker that is locked, it’s ID will be reserved/taken away from the renumbering function in the manager.

I’d like to see it in both Nuendo and Cubase, but, it’s definitely more of a “Nuendo Feature”.


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Good idea. Meanwhile would it help to put the markers you want to lock onto a new Marker Track. (And mate name it locked)?

This is similar to my workflow.

You can then of course enable and disable that track.

Not really a solution, but maybe in some cases.

The problem is, I might still want to utilize those marker tracks for navigation, and or, want to see them in the marker manager window (which I keep open for my workflow). So they need to be on the active marker track with every else. And then also with the other markers still on the track, if they are renumbered they will then take the numbers of which would have been reserved.

Yup understood. I didn’t think it was a solution.

Just a small “meanwhile” suggestion.

Yes I do a similar set up currently with multiple marker tracks.

There’s a few good other examples I could get into…

Maybe you want to use marker IDs in naming convention, for example, a secondary numbering method on sound assets, samples, etc.

Locking the key bindable markers 1-9 for purpose of navigation

locking cycle markers to certain parts of a project for the purpose of exporting the same sections every time.