"Lock" Kontakt Keyswitch via MIdi Transformer?

I’m looking for a way to lock a Kontakt instrument on a certain keyswitch so that I don’t actually hit another sound. It’s an NI instrument and there isn’t much in the way of customization in the instrument itself.

Is this something I can do with the Logical Editor? Basically, I need the channel to constantly be receiving a C#3 note to keep it locked on the sound I want. Thanks for the help.


What exactly do you mean by the “lock”, please? What exactly do you want to lock/to prevent from the overwriting?

Can you use the Transformer plugin as an insert? Set up the target filter to your key switch range with no action.


I see, now I think I got it…

Then the Transformer MIDI Insert is the way. Just filter out the MIDI Notes with the Pitch equal & lower then the highest KeySwitch Key.

Ah yes that could work! Thanks to both of you.