lock marker track to top of screen?

I was wondering if there was a way of keeping the marker track visible at all times, so that it didn’t disappear when you scroll down to tracks beyond the range of the visible screen. I.e. keep the marker track locked to the time/bar ruler at the top of the arrangement.

Not so bad when you’re working on a big display, but frustrating when working on a laptop.




There is a small line on the top of the right hand slider to separate the window to an upper part and a lower part.

After that you can put the marker track into the upper part and iit’s visible all the time.
(BTW: Theres a lot of videos available to show this issue :unamused: )


Yep, there is a space at the top of the screen where you can place tracks. This space will not scroll when you scroll the project page down. You can stick as many tracks in there as you like, for instance tempo-track, arranger track and marker tracks are useful to put in there.


Hey thanks for the speedy replies!! Top stuff :smiley:

Do we know if there is a key command that can show/hide these isolated tracks?

top right where the scroll bar is, there is a “/” thing. click that and put whatever you want in it

Amazing! I had this issue so thanks to the OP and everyone else’s solution! :slight_smile: