Lock Markers to Timecode

Is there any way to lock a marker to a timecode position? If so, I haven’t been able to find it.

Cycle markers? I don’t think there’s a way to lock the markers to anything. Guess it’s read the Markers chapter (p 139 in my case I’d have to read it again) and apply creative ingenuity.

What exactly are you wanting to do?.. do you mean set a different timecode for the start of the timecode, but keep the existing markers (and the Project contents in general?) at their current timecode positions? … just change the timecode start time in the Project setup window, and select “Yes” when the dialog asks if you wish to maintain current timecode positions.
Or, do you mean that you change the Project’s tempo, and that causes the markers to move off their timecode positions? Switch the Marker Track from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase.
If that wasn’t it, please explain what you are trying to do :wink:

Thanks, Vic. I guess the closest I can get is switching the marker track from musical to linear timebase. I was hoping to be able to make the choice for each marker, like you can do in Pro Tools.

BTW its good to see that some old timers like you still hang out at the new forum. I don’t post much here anymore because it seems like I either get no answers or dumb answers from newbies.

I guess I’ll just have to take “old timer” as a compliment! :laughing:

Well, if you can spare two otherwise-empty tracks (one set to Musical, the other set to Linear) you could, as a workaround, place empty Parts on them, and just use the Part name as a Marker.

This is why I wish Steinberg would bestow multiple marker tracks to Cubase. I don’t see why they should be reserved for Nuendo.

But yeah… setting track timebase to Linear is the closest solution. Then tempo changes don’t affect marker positions and they retain their timecode association. Only exception is if you change the start time of the project which can shift all events in the project, including markers.

Trying to do exactly the same thing but not seeing an option to set the Marker track to Linear in Cubase 8.x. Anyone know how to do this? Am I just blind? I know how to do it on other tracks…

It is possible to customize the visibility of these controls.
Right click on the track, then “Track Control Settings” and voila :wink:
Just add “Toggle timebase” to visible controls and then click apply.
( or zoom the track if this controls are not visible )

Kind regards, Alexander