Hi there!
Is there any way to lock a MIDI / Instrument track from getting MIDI CC / QC?

I just need a quick way of making sure that my instruments wont get changed accidentally, I dont want to freeze the track.

I know I can disconnect it from getting MIDI input, but I’m hopping there is a better way.

I’m looking for a toggle or a shurtcut that I can quickly disable / enable.


You can use the Activate Quick Controls button to switch them Off all at once.

Thanks Martin!

Any ideas on how to bypass MIDI CC input (or MIDI in general) from getting into the tracks?


Set the track’s Input to Not Connected. Or disable the Record and the Monitor buttons on the track.

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Hi Martin,
It seems that the Activate Quick Controls button in the Inspector does nothing here. Deactivating it does neither suspend QC from getting signals from my controllers nor sending events to VSTs. I am wondering if I misunderstand it.