Lock Midi Position

So, I’m working on a film score, and I’ve completed a cue in the middle. Now I want to work on the first cue, and change the tempo before the music I’ve already written, without affecting the position of those midi regions. Is that possible?
(without toggling linear/musical timebase)

Is the reason you don’t want to swap from Musical Timebase to Linear Timebase, because you want to add your new first cue to the same MIDI track(s)?
You are overcomplicating the issue, if I may say so :wink:
You will have to switch to Linear Timebase if you are going to change the Tempo, so do so, but add your new cue on new MIDI tracks (which of course can be in Musical Timebase).
Of course, you’ll need to have the correct Tempo event inserted at the start of the original cue.
It is almost certain that your already-written cue will no longer start at a convenient bar start, so (while still in Linear Timebase :wink: ), use the TimeWarp Tool, to drag the grid between the end of your new cue and the start of the original one so that the original cue now start on a bar start. Now you can switch it back to Musical Timebase without worrying (and even move the new cue back onto the same MIDI track(s) if you wish :wink: )

I have 190 midi tracks, I can’t add the cue on new midi tracks.
I want to indeed keep everything to linear timebase, and avoid switching back to musical timebase.

But the actual question is whether I can lock the midi regions to the timecode, so that no matter how the tempo changes, they will always start at the same timecode position (I’m a Logic user and there they call it SMPT-lock). Otherwise I have to re-adjust the position, as you say, but it doesn’t seem convenient.

Yes, 190 tracks does make the above somewhat impractical :wink:.
The best I can suggest (I presume there is already enough free space in your current project to add the new cue without it running into the existing one?), is to insert a Marker at the start of the existing cue (and make sure the marker track is set to Linear Timebase), and make sure there is the desired tempo (and timesig, if necessary) written at that point.
Write your new cue, including the new tempo. (so the original cue will now have shifted, but the marker for it will still be in place).
Select the Marker, then use use the Key Command Locate Selection… by default, “L”… which will place the Cursor there.
Select all the Parts for that original cue, then use (create it if necessary) the Key Command for Move to Cursor.
With Snap set to “Events+Cursor”, use the Timewarp tool to drag the nearest convenient barline to the cursor (which is now also the start of the original cue). This will probably have also inserted a new Tempo event at the Cursor position. Edit it manually, to be the correct tempo for that original cue.
Unfortunately, the “Move to Cursor” function doesn’t always work nicely with events on the Tempo track, which would otherwise have made the above considerably easier :wink:.
I agree there is certainly room for improvement there :wink:.