lock mixer configurations

Is there a way to lock mixer configurations?
I ask because every time I either add, delete or sometimes move a track the configuration loses it settings.
Sometimes just the visibility changes, sometimes the zones, sometimes both & random. More confusing is some configurations will remain fine while others change…

you can properly make a preset/template of the current mixer-configuration, as you can used this for other Cubase-projects you got. but i don´t know,if this is the solution for your problem when i read this?!

here from the Operation Manual, Page 314:
Saving MixConsole Settings
You can save MixConsolesettings for selected audio-related channels in the
MixConsoleand load them into any project.

  1. Select the channels with the settings that you want to save.
  2. Select Functions > Save Selected Channels.
  3. In the file dialog, specify the file name and location.
  4. Click Save.
    The settings for the selected channelsare saved with the file extension .vmx. The
    input/output routing is not saved.
    Loading MixConsole Settings
    You can load MixConsolesettings that have been saved for selected channels.
  5. Select the same number of channels that you selected when you saved your
    The loaded MixConsolesettings are applied in the same order as originally saved.
    For example, if you have saved the settingsfor channels 4, 6, and 8, and apply these
    settings to channels 1, 2, and 3, the settings saved for channel 4 are applied to
    channel 1, the settings saved for channel 6 to channel 2, and so on.
  6. Select Functions > Load Selected Channels.
  7. In the Load Selected Channelsdialog, select the .vmxsettings file and click

Thanks for reply & info. Unfortunately that’s not my problem.
My saved mixer configurations constantly change when working within the same project. I’m looking for a way to lock them up (expect for removing any deleted tracks, channels or groups of course)

this is curious, and because of this ive already written, that this may wont help you. normally the mixer or recently named MixConsole shouldn´t do that. in the moment i don´t got an clue/ idea, from which this is come from? but i keep a look at it and think about… (but maybe there´s something wrong with your computer? in the installation folders or even deeper?) did you done some upgrades in the last time? do you go to internet with this computer? did you´ve already got any hard-or software-issues on your computer? do you got problems with other programs, too?

Already a thread on this. Probably many threads on this…


My problem isn’t configurations using templates.
The mixing configurations change while working on the same open project, add, render a track it shows up in all existing configurations. I have to remove it from each one & update them over. ( unless I misread your thread.)

ya, i´ve understood, what you/he means. thius is not about configurations or even template-storage. what he/you got is a harder problem/issue.

So you’re saying I have a problem & it’s not normal behavior?

When you add a track you have to manually select it before it appears in any of your mixer configurations?

generally, when you mean the track-selection in the little window, which called add-track-dialog, what appears when you want to add a track to the Arrangement-/Project-Window, than yes. but i´m not sure, if i understood right?! by me it´s not the case (not yet), that the mixer-configurations change them without any apply, while the project-session is on and i´ve heard from nobody else this problem here in this forum, when i´ve understood right, what you´ve written above. :confused: :question:

Was there ever a solution to this problem?
I have the exact same problem.

If I for instance have a configuration with only the drum tracks, showing another configuration and maybe render a random track - then that track shows up in all my configurations. Kinda makes the feature useless.