Lock Punch Points to Locators in 8.5.30

I recently updated from 8.5.20 to 8.5.30.
Long before this update, I had made a post lamenting that the new menu item: ‘Transport/Punch Points/Lock Punch Points to Locators’ did not allow for saving the setting (on or off) in any form. Being used to previous Cubase versions for many years, I wound up inadvertently not recording one-of-a-kind musical performances, and trying to explain myself to angry musicians :blush: . My “solution” was to create a key command, so I could quickly turn this menu item ON every time I loaded or started a project. It now seems that in version 8.5.30 that this menu item status is now memorized with the project. That’s the good news :slight_smile: . The bad news is that Steinberg utterly neglected to mention anything about this in the release notes for 8.5.30. As a result of that, when I opened an existing project and immediately made the key command I mentioned earlier, it would turn that menu item OFF instead of the expected ON, since it had already been memorized with the project as being ON. Since I was using a key command instead of mousing the menu item directly, there was no visual feedback to warn me that once again… I was about to inadvertently not record one-of-a-kind musical performances, again upsetting musicians and having them think that I was an unqualified engineer :blush: . Why oh why, did Steinberg fail to document this change??? :cry: I’m thinking that since most modern Cubase users are no longer doing any performance recording, exclusively using loops instead (which I will never do!), this was therefore considered too inconsequential to mention.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open or start a new project
  2. Open menu item ‘Transport/Punch Points/Lock Punch Points to Locators’
  3. Check menu item ON (the default is OFF)
  4. Save the project
  5. re-open the project and view the menu item from step 2
  6. Verify that your setting is the same as it was when you saved the project