Lock quick controls?



2 group channels.

Eq on both channels.

Group 1 -> quick control slot 1&2 = lo cut & hi cut.
Group 2-> quick control slot 3&4 = lo cut & hi cut.

How can my controller communicate with the 2 groups simultaneously?

(Now i can choose one group or the other - selecting both broups doesn’t allow me to control both sets of QC’s)



In this scenario, you cannot control it. You cannot control QCs of multiple tracks at once. But you can change your scenario. :wink:

Group 1 (or Group 2, it doesn’t matter) -> QC slots 1&2 = lo cut & hi cut of Group 1 + QC slots 3&4 = lo cut & hi cut of Group 2.

How to do this?
When you are going to select the QC slot 3, hold down Alt modifier and click to slot 3 on Group 1 channel. Uncommon list appears. Select VST Mixer > Channels > Group 2 > … parameter. This is the way, how to assign parameters of different channel to the QC on one channel. No, you can select Group 1 track (where are your QCs assigned), and control all 4 parameters at once.

Is it clear?



Thank you so much martin!:slight_smile: