Lock rendered files to file group

Hi there

Is it possible, when a montage is being rendered as a batch of individual files (CD tracks in this case), to ensure the rendered audio files open in the same file group?

I’m often working in another file group when a track finishes rendering and have to move it back to the original montage group.

And also to stop it pulling Wavelab to the top window when a file finishes rendering if I’m working in another program?



Sorry, no.

thanks. i have that box unchecked so doesn’t that mean it should stay in the original group?

if something is rendering in group 1 and i’m working in group 2, when it finishes it opens in 2 not 1 - i want to keep all the rendered files together, in order, so i can check them etc

i wanted to leave two groups rendering but have to have one selected - so all the rendered files end up in there out of order, not with their original montage

Yes it should, it you use WaveLab 11.2. Do you?

yep 11.2 - rendered files open in whichever file group is open at the time, not the original, with the box unchecked - could it be another setting?

I must say I read a bit too fast your original request. No, it’s not possible: the active file group is always the receiver. But I agree it would make more sense to use the source file group.
I note this for a future update.

ok cool, thanks

would it be possible to consider the second point for a future update?
i’m often working on sometime else, in wavelab or other, with rendering happening in the background - every time a file finishes rendering it pull me to that file/screen

Ok, I note this.