Lock staff spacing adjustments?

I may be missing something important, but recently I had to redo my staff spacing adjustments couple of times from scratch. Any time I inserted a page before the page I have changed the spacing on (I had to add blank pages for booklet, so the page turns are feasible) - any work on staff spacing were lost.
I realize that any changes to staff layout would result in a recount, but an addition of a whole page without any music flows should not undo anything since everything offsets by a whole page anyway.

Locking flows results (as far as I know) in preventing the bars to move, but does not prevent the staff spacing recount.

I know I could have saved the staff spacing adjustments to the very end, but sometimes one needs to adjust the spacing to check if the casting-off will fit. Or sometimes there is an order for one more title page in the beginning with commission information etc.

Nikola Kołodziejczyk

When you add blank pages, you move the notes to the next page; but the staff spacing (IIRC) does not move along with the notes. There is another thread on this that explains it more fully.

I never understood why this behaviour should be wanted by any workflow.

UMahnken; it’s obviously a compromise. We’ve all grumbled for years about Sibelius moving things (text/graphics/symbols) around after we’d put them where we wanted. This stems from Sibelius anchoring most of these things to individual notes, which often move.

Dorico avoids this entirely by allowing text, graphics, staff spacing etc. to be anchored to a specific place on a specific page. This avoids a multitude of problems, but (as you and I have both found) introduces some new ones.

Anyone who has been following this forum knows your thoughts on this issue or can access them on the thread mentioned above. We do not need to hear them again.

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No Derrek is surely not speaking for all the others.
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Is this true for staff spacing too? So if there are staff spacing operations on page 3 and we add a blank page before page 1 these staff spacings will remain on page 3, which is our old page 2? Maybe I do have here an error in reasoning :unamused:

Actually, Derrek and I both made the incorrect assumption that staff spacing is locked to a specific page. We seem to be wrong. I’ve just replicated exactly what Nikola’s described, and I can see how it could be a total pain in the backside.

Staff spacing appears not to be an override or a master page change - it’s a completely different change in its own right, evidently with it’s own rules and limits.

I’ve experienced the same issue. It would be nice if, down the road, Dorico is programmed such that if you insert pages and an entire [current] pages moves, all the settings simply shift with it. It seems silly, on a practical level (no doubt there is some coding reason) that you cannot change the order just like you might move physical pages sitting on your kitchen table (assuming the musical content is not interdependent). Inserting a blank page (particularly for the purposes of assembling a booklet and facilitating comfortable page turns in keyboard music) shouldn’t totally upset the applecart with all the other engraving. For the time being perhaps the OP might want to get the score looking the way they want and then use a PDF program to insert the blank pages when assembling the booklet.