Lock Status of Clips and Tracks

In 9.5, lock status of Clips and Tracks is still not following the saved state of the montage. I thought this was going to be changed.

Open montage.
Lock one clip.
Close montage (Wavelab doesn’t ask for Save).
Open the montage again.
The clip is still locked.

Reaper, Pro Tools and other programs, including Cubase I think, ask for Save when lock status is changed.

I thought this was going to be changed, so the lock status would follow the Saved state of the montage, like in the other programs.

The global ripple lock problems seem to have been fixed though, as far as I can tell.

This is on the todo list, but for later. This is a design choice (not the best one, ok), and has always been so, hence was not pushed on top of the list.