Lock Tempo change to Hit point or marker timebase

I have struggled with this for a while and not sure if there is a solution.

Scenario - I have created a tempo map and set of hit points, tempo and time signature changes which are relative (and locked to time base) against a video file that I scoring. Locking to timebase means that the markers move with the video.

However, if I then want to change a tempo early in the piece (that isn’t yet scored) - I just want to be able to insert a tempo change and therefore the corresponding extra bars to ensure that the map, tempo changes and time signature changes that I’ve already inserted stay in the same place relative to video.

I can probably sit and work it out long hand using a calculator but was hoping to automate this to keep my workflow efficient.

Is this possible?

A solution I found might be a little less work than doing calculations for each tempo change… I have used track versions for cues, in conjunction with the tempo track.

This allows me to have many cues on the same timeline and same video, with each cue’s tracks having their own track version(s).

I keep them in sync using the commands Assign Common Version ID, and Select Tracks with same Version ID.

When a cue is finished, I bounce it to an audio track I call something like ‘Finished Cues’. That track doesn’t have different versions- it’s just ‘in sync’ with the video track

Pretty nifty, though probably not the intended use.

Thanks, it just sounds a bit complicated still? I just want to be able to slow the tempo down when there are no events and not affect the events that follow… Seems simple but I guess it’s not!