Lock Tempo Points to Bar & Beat

Is it possible to lock a tempo point to a bar and beat location? I would like to adjust tempo that is off in sections of a song without it affecting everything down the line that is correct.


If I understand your use case then Process Tempo dialog should help. You can open it from the Tempo Track track list.

Thanks for your reply, that doesn’t seem to be quite what I am looking for (at least from what I understand of it). That tip is helpful though and something I have forgotten about so thank you for pointing it out. The dialog box seems just allows me to change a tempo from a range of bars (or time) to another.

What I am looking to do is to correct values from Melodyne tempo map (seems to work a little better than Cubase’s, though both are great). Portions of the songs get off but down the line, others are spot on. I would like to correct tempos that are inaccurate mid-song without affecting the correct tempo down the line.

The “Time Warp/Warp Grid” tool almost does the job but it won’t let me adjust anything with a tempo ramp which is pretty much everything. I don’t really want to start deleting tempo points. It is also frustrating that it forces you to go to Bars+Beats Liner when editing tempo. I really don’t like the visual of audio contracting and expanding when in reality there is no audio stretch happening. I can work around that but it is super counterintuitive for me. Hopefully, that makes more sense but let me know if there is anything that I didn’t explain very well.