I know this has been brought up before, but somehow I’m not sure if Cubase still has done anything about this.

As a film composer, I have to deal with projects with many, many cues in them. Each cue has a different tempo.

So let’s say in one project, we have 10 different cues, all set to video.

The problem is, when I adjust the tempo of ONE of the cues, every other cue towards the right of the timeline gets shifted. That means all the rest of the other cues get out of sync with the video.

Is there a way to perhaps, have markers on the cues, and then, DEAD LOCK the frigging tempos of all the cues, according to markers?
So that when I adjust the tempo of a cue that’s in the middle or the beginning or ANYWHERE in the timeline, the other cues DO NOT SHIFT?

I am sure I’m not the only film composer requesting such a function!


In the Track Control Settings enable Toggle time base for the Marker track. Then switch to the linear time base of the Marker.

Does it help?

What I have done…make a different “track version” on the Signature track and Tempo track, i.e., 1M1, 1M2, 2M1, etc… With each new cue make a new version. If you need to recall a different cue to make a fix you recall that track version and everything from that cue will be back in sync like it was originally.