Lock Text Frames to Bars/Notes


I write for theatre, and I have a lot of text in my scores. In Sibelius, I am able to attach a piece of text to a note, so even though I add music before the text, the text remains attached to where it’s supposed to be, for example a text section with underscoring. Is there a way to have text frames attached to bars/notes in Dorico? If not, are there any plans to add this feature, or does anyone have a work around for this?


The short answer is that you’re using text frames as a workaround already, and the consequence of that particular workaround is that the frames don’t move when the music moves.

You may find that a safer option is to use regular system text (Shift-X). This has limitations in terms of formatting but remains attached to the music.

I think the development team are already aware that we need something better than we’ve got for this.

+1 for something a little more customisable… I often add a ‘Note to self’, which really has nothing to do with a particular note/rest - or even a particular bar.

The option to place it somewhere near the top in Write mode so that I can be reminded of it whenever I need to would be useful.

(My workaround is a TextEdit doc on my desktop with a key to the Rehearsal marks which I put in temporarily :slight_smile:.)

A huge time saver for me (for musical theatre work) would be Shift-x text that can be centred on the page, between the margins, or centred on the staff.

How about as “special feature” of a text frame linked to a note or a bar, instead of a page?

No, that’s not how text frames work, and nor how they will be made to work in the future. There are legitimate requirements here, of course, but making frames be relative to anything other than the page they’re on is not how we will address them.