Lock the lower zone piano keyboard height to it's fixed height

Just a thought to save some time and be a cleaner UI, the lower zone height rules appear to be

  • Properties Fixed height, probably due to the table widget
  • Guitar Slightly different fixed height probably due to the graphic widget
  • Others Adjustable height shared across all

Something I’m constantly fiddling is the height fight between the piano (which wants to be small) and the Key editor (which wants to be big). The piano key editor already has a minimum height, if that could be the fixed height, leaving then the drum pads, faders and key editor as variable and big, that looks like a more sensible approach and a small tweak.

A big piano keyboard (tall) looks bad and wastes space, the minimum height looks great over the majority of it’s range (with the range adjuster) - why not just make it a fixed height like the guitar and properties? There’s little reason for it to be adjustable which just makes it big and ugly.

Isn’t there a dynamics feature with the length of the keyboard keys? The higher you press, the lowest the dynamics should be, IIRC, so that could justify a variable height.

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What? Not that I’ve heard of, but there’s a lot I’ve not heard of.

Just did a test with the same note hi/low, no difference in velocity or dynamics lane. Regardless I have it on the shortest height which is still plenty of room for 127 values, if the feature exists.

It’s velocity-sensitive during real-time input, not during step-time input.