Lock time-stretched length of clip regardless of tempo

I use time-stretching a lot in my tracks for getting loops to play perfectly in time. Sometimes I’ll decide down the line that I want to change the tempo of the track. After changing the tempo, all of my time-stretched loops will be out of time (too short or too long) and I’ll have to go through each clip in the arrangement to adjust to the new tempo. I may decide that the new tempo isn’t quite what I want, and I’ll have to repeat the whole process over again, which is a massive creative flow killer for me.

Is there currently a way to lock clips so that they’ll retain their bar length with respect to tempo (e.g. 4 bars always stays at 4 bars, whether the bpm is 95 or 120). If not, then I’d love the feature to be implemented. Cheers :slight_smile:

The same thing with automations…
When changing the tempo, everything rescales except automation [its time code locked]
I guess time stretch is a form of automation?

Here’s what happends with automation when the tempo changes:

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For me, automation behaves as I’d expect. The automation point at e.g. bar 3 remains on bar 3 regardless of how you change the tempo in the video above. I’d expect the time-stretched audio to remain visually static (as automation does as you’ve shown above) when the tempo is changed.


(not actual numbers:)
If you have a 64 pattern/bar song @ 60 bpm and it lasts 2 minutes
Then if you put it at 120 bpm it lasts 1 minute
But after the bpm change automation stil lasts 2 minutes

Desired effects is that the automations scales with everything else

Imagine having a full song with every channel automation and then you decide to change the bpm
You’ll have to redo all automations coz they are out of sync.

Its the same problem as you’re having with the time stretch

Hi @Somble,

Thanks for your message.

Stretched events should automatically follow the tempo of the song (as shown in the example clip below).

Please let me know where things fail at your end.


Hi Lars, thanks for your reply!

So the issue for me is that I use manual mode as automatic mode rarely time stretches to what I’m after. Here’s a quick demonstration of my issue:

Essentially, I’m using manual time-stretch mode because I’m chopping a sample on the timeline. This requires specific timings which vary per-chop. When I change the tempo, the manual stretch % is maintained, so all my chops are too short or too long, which means I have to re-stretch every chop each time I change the tempo - a real chore when I’m trying to experiment with other tempo values for a track!

What I’d like is for the time-stretch % for each chop to automatically adjust as I change the tempo.

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hi @Somble,

Thanks for your additional message, which I’ve shared with our engineering.