Lock timecode to Bar Number

This is a feature that is in every other major DAW I’m aware of (PT, Logic, DP…)

The idea is, as a film composer, I would start a cue at Bar 5 (to allow chase time to external devices, drop CC info, etc).

Let’s say I need to start the cue at, at Bar 5. Let’s say my tempo is 120.

NOW, whilst composing, I realize I actually want the tempo to be 118, or 123…doesn’t matter. HOWEVER, if I change the tempo, the time code will have SLIPPED, and Bar 5 (and the entire cue, will be out of sync), until I manually re-set timecode to cursor.

The most straight-forward way to implement this (which is how Logic handles it), would be to allow a start tempo node location at ANY bar. Currently, Cubase forces the first tempo marker to be “bar 1”.

Either way, the point would be, that no matter the tempo change (for an entire cue), the timecode of assigned bar WILL NOT SHIFT.

Did you ever solve this in Cubase? I’m just switching from Logic to Cubase and this difference is killing me.