Lock to duration question

I searched around a lot before asking this, because I am sure it’s obvious, but how do I use the Lock to Duration option?

I have a bar where I only want to change the pitches, so select that bar and hit L, but nothing happens, the lock seems to be unaffected. Clicking the lock doesn’t do anything either with the bar selected. Then I try clicking the lock with nothing selected, and yes the lock activated (Hitting L still doesn’t do anything though), but now the mouse is loaded and when I click in the bar, the value is changed…

I am confused. What is the way of using this option correctly?

As I understand it, Lock Duration only works during note entry.

Yes, Evan is right: select the note from the point at which you want to start repitching, hit Return or Shift+N to show the caret, then hit L to engage Lock Durations: the caret becomes dashed. Now away you go.

Great, thanks again Daniel. So I was close, I should have selected the note and not the full bar (which doesn’t make sense now I think about it…).