Lock track or audio segment

Hello, excuse me, do not speak English, and therefore are not found on the forum the answer to my question.
Is there any way to do something, so that you can fix the audio segment on the audio track? lock the track from accidental changes or block the audio segment from a random movement?
and the second question. If you can export the material and audio dropboks, why can not directly import your material in the program?
Thank you.


lock mode for Audio & MIDI is on our future feature list…

  • Only little workaround is to have your segments exported as a solo audio track once you finished your editing from beat 1 of the song and re-import into your project. At least that way you can re-arrange quickly.

  • About Dropbox, you can re-import audio tracks from the Dropbox app by tapping on the export button at the right top corner and then “open in /copy to Cubasis”. Your audio file will then be available in the Media bay in Cubasis and you can import it into your project.

Hope that helps!


I am very pleased with the purchase of your product, but it is very much necessary to update the program. Really need locking tracks.
I would like to know when you plan to make the protection track events from the changes? Blocking audio and MIDI segments of the motion?