Lock tracks ...

Is there someone who can tell me the reasoning behind not being able to lock a track in place ? If you were to sit down and decide to write your own DAW software, about the third thing you’d do is come up with a way to lock tracks so they don’t move.

Why is it that Cubase looks more and more like it was written by code geeks instead of actual engineers who work in a studio every day. I use various video editing programs and they ALL have a right-click menu option to lock the track so it doesn’t move. Are audio engineers that much more advanced than video engineers that they never accidentally nudge a track so they don’t need this feature ?

Cubase is an amazing piece of software that is capable of some incredible things … but then in some regards, it is so pathetically lacking that it leaves you searching for alternatives.

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You have more options in Cubase. The easiest one is to use the Lock button directly in the track (track list buttons). This looks all events in the track. The default settings is to lock Size + Position + Other. If this is not your case, change the settings in Preferences > Editing.

Another option is to select dedicated event(s) and use Lock function in the Info view. You can also select different possibilities, what should be locked. By this, you can lock just some of events.

I hope this helps.

You may need to right click in the track list and use track controls to make the lock icon appear.

OK, I have done some reading in the operations manuals for Elements and Artist. It appears as though you can lock tracks in Artist and Pro, but not in Elements. Can someone confirm for me whether this is true ?

That’s correct…This is one of the things missing in the entry level version.

Thank you … I realize that it seems to be a trivial thing, but I feel it is very necessary and didn’t understand how it could possibly be missing. Anyway, I thank you all and I now know which version I need.

I’m using the trial version of Cubase 8 Elements. I’m considering upgrading from a much older version (SE). I can’t seem to lock or unlock old files that I was working with. Is it true that I’ll have to pay an extra $200 just to have access to the lock button with the Artist version?

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Hm, this is tricky. Cubase SE was the same level (middle) as Cubase Artist is at the moment. So if you want to stay at the same level of possibilities, you should take Artist.

Try to use Unlock function. Could be, this is available in Cunase Elements for this kind of security. The Key Command is Ctrl + Shift + U.

I don’t think it is possible to unlock previously locked tracks in Elements.

You could demo Pro version…load all your projects, unlock all tracks and resave the projects so they will work with whatever version you purchase.

But if you need the lock function then yes you will need Artist.

I started off on Elements 7, and quickly moved to Pro 8. There were several reasons, but locking tracks was up there at the top. The upgrade was completely worth it. Not cheap, but I was able to find a retailer that took payments. I keep elements around to use on my laptop.

I just upgraded from Cubase ‘Essential’ 4 (the old name for the entry level version). I am pretty sure that the lock track feature was available in this version. Why would they remove? I also find this annoying.