Lock Workspace

I see many references to “locked workspaces” but cannot find how to active this on Cubase 13.


If I’m not mistaken, the Workspaces are locked by default. That means, if you change the layout and call the workspace again, you get the original layout. To “save” the changes, you have to Update the workspace manually.

Could you link the article, where you can read about the “Locked Workspaces”, please?

Sorry dont know how to link but

I work with locked workspaces for different mixer layouts, however the most annoying thing about locked workspaces is, it retains the locked project window position, so if i was zoomed into an event, and i change workpace, it might zoom out to a full view of the project for example…


  1. Open a project (new or existing one you want to set up).
  2. Open the Organize Workspaces dialog.
  3. Unlock the current project workspace.


This was an old implementation. In the current Cubase versions, there is no Lock anymore.

There are endless discussions of the Zoom Level should (or not) be part of the Workspaces.

You can work around the Zoom change by creating a macro that utilizes Zoom Mem and Zoom Zap.

Thanks. Lock was a good idea but hey ho.