Locked audio from video won't unlock - solution?

I’ve imported a video file to N12 and the accompanying audio is two (L+R) mono files, each on a separate track. When I first started working with the video I locked the video + audio files on the timeline, but now I need to cut a frame out of both. The video unlocks no problem and is happy to be trimmed but the audio files refuse to unlock - tried the Lock / Unlock commands, using the scissors tool and searched through Settings (in case I missed a hidden preference) but can’t find a solution.

Anyone have any suggestions as to resolving the problem? Thanks!

ooooof, I’m dum.

Solved - user error, but I’ll leave the solution up here in case it helps anyone else.

Turns out I had the Lock icon on the track hidden and so it turns out the track Lock command ignores any command to unlock a part on the timeline…

Live and learn :crazy_face: