locked buffersize to 8 ?!


Just came off a session of vst connect using the “new” beta release. Unforntunately it did not work for me but that could be due to using a slow computer and trying to use wifi ( the computer I usually use is is being upgraded), however there was another weird thing going on which I don’t think would have anything to do with these two circumstances, but it could be the reason things were not working.

My performer uses a focusrite scarlett 2i2 and so far so good. But the buffersize settings was weird
first of all, there were over 20 different kinds of settings, and all of them were very odd numbers, usually its, 16, 32, 64, 128 and so on.
Now instead the numbers were completely different, except for the number 8, which it actually was locked to. I could not choose anytning else than 8
and my guess is that his computer was NOT fast enough to handle such a small buffersize. Do you guys know what’s going on? could it be something I am doing or my performer, or is it some kind of bug? I have recorded successfully with this performer before and he had the same audio interface then. He had another computer though, now he has a pc which uses windows 10, prior to this when it was working he had windows 7. However I am thinking that this issue maybe came with your new version of vst connect, but I could be wrong.

Charlie and Michael, great work on the app regardless, and thanks for all the help a couple of months back. I have been doing other things for a while now, but the time has come again for some more recording, hopefully with the help of vst connect. I will keep you posted on the issues I happen to run into.

thanks for the help

Did you performer have the same buffer size issue in other audio apps ?
did you try a reboot ?

also - mac or pc ?

buffersize has no meaning on Windows, sorry if that is confusing, just ignore it.

what do you mean buffersize has no meaning in windows?

I have been using windows 7 for several years, and there it has meaning, or I mean, the buffersize I choose in cubase has meaning.
Did something change in windows 10? I will get my computer back tomorrow and it is updated with windows 10 then so I can see for myself,
but it really sounds, weird? So what are you saying,that buffersize of 8 is ok?, because it is not really used? does windows 10 automatically find the most optimal setting or what? usually it is a good thing to be able to change around with this depending on if you are recording ( cause then you want low buffersize = low latency) and when you are mixing you want high buffersize, because that will give you more processing power, and latency doesn’t matter…

please explain further, I feel that I am missing something here

sorry, that was confusing. surely buffersize in general has meaning :slight_smile:
I wanted to say that the buffersize setting in the VST Connect plugin is only relevant for Mac users. This value in the settings pane does not have any impact for Windows computers.

This is still confusing…

You do mean the buffersize that is in the the vst connect APP, but I thought that controled ASIO driver right? I mean shouldn’t the buffersize be important when the performer is using some kind of plugin and he wants to have low latency due to this? Or should my performer set the buffersize through the focusrite ASIO panel that sets the buffersize, whould that be a different thing? I thought that the setting in vst connect would override that setting and skip the need of the focusrite panel, are you saying it does not, and the performer should use the focusrite software to control the buffersize? What does the setting control then, if you are in on a mac?

I have never experienced that this setting was locked before before

Or should my performer set the buffersize through the focusrite ASIO panel that sets the buffersize, whould that be a different thing?

exactly so.

Please simply just ignore the buffersize entry in VST Connect, both sides, and use the local device’s buffer size setting. Sorry it is activated for the Windows version where it should not, but it’s really not a big deal. Simply pretend it wasn’t there :slight_smile:

Of course we’ll disable it for the Windows version asap.


ok, thanks, get it.