Locked / Disabled Tracks - Cubase Elements 9


I have old projects from Cubase 5 with some locked and disabled tracks, now I have Cubase Elements 9, but can’t see any option to unlock and enable them.

Is there any solutions?


What track type?

audio and MIDI

Well if they’re not frozen (snowflake icon in the inspector) they were presumably disabled in C5 and I think Elements unfortunately does not have track disable/enable.

If you wanted to upload an example cpr with no project folder or audio, and you’ll probably need to zip it - I could confirm if Pro will enable the tracks. Then maybe you could use the trial version to fix them all.

not frozen, some are just locked (small lock icon at track right upper corner) and some disabled
where can I download trial version?

thank you

I was overlooking that you probably don’t have a usb elicenser… trial won’t run without one.


don’t have one, anyway, I’m planing upgrade to Artist version, not sure if this one have those options?
I may install Cubase 5 but I’m not sure if this is possible on Win 10?

Cubase 5 will work fine on Windows 10.

ok, will try

thank you