Locked or Hidden Folders (Windows 7 Exporting issues)

So I recently got a new computer and transfered all of my cubase files (including exported mp3s) over to it from my old computer via USB. I can see all of the old folders and cubase files. However, when I save new cubase files (on the new computer) they save in the same folder, but have little locks next to their icons. I can see all of these files just fine within cubase, but when I try to open them (say an mp3 file stored in my cubase folder) from “My Computer” I cant even see them. In addition, when ever I open an old cubase file that doesnt have the lock next to it, it gains a lock next to it and I can no longer see it in “My Computer.” I am new to windows 7 and am wondering how do I see these files?

If you have any ideas, please help. Im trying to send my friends some of my beats (which I could do just fine on my old XP computer) but now cant even see the files on my new computer.

Thank you.