locked out of cubase software because of technical support


I was waiting for information about why my elicenser was telling me it was already assigned to another user.
I received an email earlier yesterday 01/08/2016
it told me to follow these directions:


the email continued to tell me the following:

When you open the eLicenser Control Center afterwards, it will display a blank Soft-eLicenser with a new number. With this number, you can “reactivate” via your MySteinberg account and request a new activation code.

when the eLicenser Control centre opened it showed nothing. a greyed out frozen screen that said: reading elicensers.
the box with the list of headings at the top, but, they were unable to be opened.

this is the error that is shown when I try to open Cubase:
Application 'Cubase/Cubase Artist has caused the following error:
DCOM connection to program ‘Synsopos.exe’ failed
Error:Unspecified error

I am locked out from using my Cubase software and the work I was working on.

the letter I received through corresponding with technical support was signed

[EDIT: The signature at the end of the e-mail clearly reads ‘Privileged / Confidential Information may be contained in this message. You may not copy or deliver this message to anyone else or use its content for other purposes!’ - although it is pretty fine to post this response here, please avoid posting names and signatures, thank you.]

any advice would be greatly appreciated.

That’s an odd issue. Give this a try:

-Restart Windows.
-unplug your eLicenser.
-Close everything.
-Uninstall the eLicenser Control Center.
-Restart Windows again to make sure that NOTHING is using any eLicenser-related files.
-After starting Windows, plug your eLicenser into an USB port (Preferably USB 2 if possible. USB 3 ports are usually blue).
-Temporarily disable any Antivirus software, such as Windows Defender/Microsoft Security Essentials.
-Run elc-installation-helper.exe again.

This will hopefully make it work this time.

i don’t think disabling security on my computer will help.

anyway, i managed to get my system working but am still having trouble registering my usb eLicenser.

if you have any relativity concerning such an issue please never hesitate.

Please, reply to the last e-mail you received providing your USB-eLicenser number or a screen-shot of the eLicenser Control Center (do not post it here showing the number).

Nobody will able to help you tracking the dongle registration on the forum, as it is sensible data that only our operators can access.
If the system returns that the dongle is registered to another user, it could be that you registered it with another e-mail address, that’s usually pretty easy to solve.

Thank you.

i changed my email after initially registering but there is nothing in the other mail box with regards to my activating my Cubase account.

can you tell me how I would go about solving this issue?

Please, reply to the last e-mail you received providing your USB-eLicenser number or a screen-shot of the eLicenser Control Center. I’ll look out for it.

i sent an e-mail at 03/08/2016 22:58 GMT