Locked track moved, after importing Tracks from other project

I put all tracks in a folder, and locked them. However when I import track folder from another project, one track in the locked folder moves to a wrong place.
Pre-import picture below:

Post-import picture below:

After import, I can’t move the locked track back to its original place.
Also the new imported tracks didn’t go the the cursor or left locator as set in the Preferences/MidiFile.
What can be the cause of this issue ?
Thanks in advance,


Did you lock the tracks or the events, please?

I use the mouse to select the events and shift/ctl L to lock.
Is that incorrect ?


By default the Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + L locks the select Part/Event. It locks the Position + Size + Other. So it shouldn’t move.

But you can change this settings in the Preferences > Editing > Lock Event Attributes. Double-check, the Position + Size + Other is selected here.