Locked tracks/events behavior when editing

When multiple events are selected across several tracks, individually locked events or events on locked tracks visually move along with
the unlocked events when left clicking and dragging. However, once the mouse click is released, the locked events jump back to their locked location. Is this behavior normal? This makes it impossible to align the selected events to the locked event/track. I understand I could simply deselect the locked event, but the goal here is to select large groups of events (like select everything to the right of the playhead) and move them relative to locked audio without having to deselect a ton of audio clips.

The good news is if I nudge the selected events or hit the move to cursor command, the locked events stay put as expected.

Here’s a link to a screen recording that illustrates the behavior:



Hi and welcome,

Do I understand you right, you are complaining about the fact, that during the mouse movement, it seems the event will be moved? But then it jumps to its original position (what is correct behaviour), right?

Martin — yes, that is what I’m complaining about.