Locked tracks in Cubase Elements 8.04

Hello, … I have just started using CE 8 after upgrading from Cubase Essential 5 … which I used for years. I have no trouble importing a song created in CE5, … but after the import all the tracks have a lock on them. I cannot for the life of me find where or how to unlock them.

Question 2, … In version CE5, I could highlight a track slider, … and use the keyboard arrow keys to move volume up and down… is that no longer possible? It was sure an easier way to control, especially when more than one track was linked together. Thankyou

Hi and welcome,

Lock function is not part of Cubase Elements. Unfortunately you cannot unlock it.

Is it Lock if the tracks or of the events on the tracks?

Each track wav representation has a little padlock symbol at the end of it. Not really handy if you need to make changes! Does artist have the ability to unlock it… Or, better yet, being short of funds, is there a way to unlock it at all?


Yes, Lock/Unlock function is part of Cubase Artist.

What about channel slider operation? Can they still be operated with the keyboard up and down arrow keys somehow? Thanks


I would recommend to make a new thread for the 2nd question.

There are commands:

  • Primary Parameter: Decrease [Ctrl+Shift+Down]
  • Primary Parameter: Increase [Ctrl+Shift+Up]
  • Primary Parameter: Fine Decrease
  • Primary Parameter: Fine Increase
  • Secondary Parameter: Decrease [Ctrl+Shift+Left]
  • Secondary Parameter: Increase [Ctrl+Shift+Right]
  • Secondary Parameter: Fine Decrease
  • Secondary Parameter: Fine Increase

Now, it depends, where is the focus. If the Focus is on the fader in the Mix Console, the Primary Parameter is fader itself, Secondary Parameter is Pan.