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Hey everyone,

A search of the forum did not produce the result I am needing.

I have a book that I have done in Dorico from scratch (earlier versions if it matters at all). I have everything laid out the way I need it to be, and now (late in the process) I need to add a small number of lyrics. I do not want the music in the current flow to move too much, nor do I want other flows to move (pagination issues).

I am trying to use the “lock frame” tool in Engrave mode. When I do it, it changes spacing and layout in the next flow. OK, not so bad but certainly not what I want. I figured if this is the case, I will move to the last flow, and work backwards. Locking each frame so nothing moves. WRONG!

As I lock the frame of the last flow, all looks good. As I lock the frame of the second to last flow, all looks good except for the last flow (which was already “locked”), which now distorts. NOT WHAT I WANT.

So, is there a way to lock the page, to prevent items from moving (especially elsewhere in the flow)? Or some kind of workaround to prevent me from adding a small amount of lyrics and throwing the whole page layout out of whack for the whole project?


I would have thought you could do Select All, then switch to Engrave mode and click Lock Frame to lock all frames in a single operation, but I guess you’ve found that doesn’t produce the right result? I think I’d need to see the project in question to advise further.

Let me try that. If that doesn’t work, I’ll send the file.


E-mail sent. Select All, only affects the 1st flow.



When you find a few moments (I’m not in a hurry), can you please share how you did what you did with my file? Your help worked great! But I would like to be learn how to do that for myself in the future.


All I did was select something in each frame and click Lock Frame. If I found this disturbed something in the following frame, it was because the ‘Wait for next system break’ or ‘Wait for next frame break’ property on the system/frame break at the start of the following frame became unset. So I would undo, go to the next frame, lock that one and make sure the ‘Wait for next system/frame break’ property is set as expected, then return to the previous one and lock that. It took me five minutes.

OK… I appreciate that. I didn’t even think to look at the “Wait for system/frame break”. I’ll keep that in mind for the next time.


Kinda defeats the purpose of flows to make it nearly impossible to move formatting changes with them doesn’t it? I’m trying to reorder flows and the staff changes stay locked to the page, not the flow. I would love the ten page explanation on why that could possibly make sense.

There aren’t ten pages of worthwhile things to say about it, except to say that it’s a known limitation, lots of people don’t prefer it, and it’s been discussed with an eye towards future improvements.

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