"Locking" flows to prevent accidental changes.

Hello. Is there a way to lock individual flows, so as to prevent accidental changes while working on other flows? Thanks, in advance.

No, there’s no way to do this, though I think it’s a good idea. For now, you might consider excluding the finished flows from the layout you’re working on (by selecting the layout in the Layouts panel, then unchecking the relevant checkboxes in the Flows panel for the flows you want to avoid inadvertently changing). Another approach would be to create a custom layout that contains only the flow you’re working on, and to work only on that one.

Dear Daniel, many, many thanks.

… and then copy that single flow into the main project?

You don’t need to “copy” the flow. If you delete a flow from the layout you are working on, then it’s impossible to accidentally change it (unless you change to working on a different layout, of course).

You can create as many “temporary” layouts as you want within a single project - e.g. one layout per flow, if you want to really lock down any accidental edits.