Locking FX Channels to right

Anyone know how to lock FX Channels to the right of the mixer by default?

I have my stereo out locked to the right by default… but I have to manually lock each FX channel.


You start from a template I assume, where the main out is locked to the right. Starting from an empty template it isn’t.

Include a bunch of fx channels into the template!

On a side note (I already posted about this on the Issues forums) : I usually use a template where my Master Out is locked on the right. Since 8.5 it doesn’t stay locked if I close and open the mixer.
Can you guys please try and let me know if you have the same behavior ? (granted you upgraded to 8.5)


Appart of using templates (which I would recommend), you can use Channel filters in MixConsole to show FX Channels only. Then lock all of them to right, and then show all Channels back. I know, it is few steps (and mouse-clicks), but it’s the fastest way, I could imagine.p (if you are not using template).

It’s not feasible for me to use templates tbh because of the range of projects we work on and I like trying different approaches as I work.

I know I can use the channel filters in MixConsole… seems like there should be an option to make FX Channels attached to the right as default.


Don’t forget you can use 3 independent Mix Consoles. Why not dedicate one of them to FX channels?

Yes thats not a bad idea.