locking Project Window tracks [answered]

How do I lock or keep tracks from expanding in project window when working with tracks then in Mixer window? When I switch back from Mixer the heights of minimized tracks & folders are all expanded out.


Do you mean expanded in sense of folders? Or do you mean caused by the Auto zoom, when the track is selected?

Hi Martin,
It’s when I’m working in Mixer view editing or making configurations ( visibility, zones) When I go back to the Project Window folders & tracks get expanded out from nested folders. Does that make sense? is there a setting or step I’m missing to keep that from happening?
It’s strange because it doesn’t always happen either. I’m sure it’s user error on my part but I don’t know what it is!


This is unfortunately hard-linked. If you expand a folder in the MixConsole, it’s also expanded in the Project window. There is no way around it.

Thanks Martin,
I’m sure it doesn’t qualify as a top priority feature request either. Thanks for letting me know though.