Locking regions

Coming from Logic, after importing an omf I would lock all audio regions to prevent them from getting out of sync when dragging to another track. What’s the best way to go about this in Nuendo?

Also, empty mono and stereo tracks look identical. Is there a way to tell the difference?

I would select all events within the region and lock them.
There are different flavors of “lock” available, so you should find what you need.


There are lots of Lock options.

You can find, if the track is mono or stereo by inputs. Or, if you are using combine stereo paner, you can find it thanks different pan controls in the mono and stereo track.

View your track options and enable the little icon which shows a single circle for mono, double for stereo.

Thank You!

Selecting all events and locking them doesn’t let me drag a clip to another track while retaining it’s timecode position (which is what I’m trying to achieve). I tried locking the channel and all three Lock options from the Edit menu. I also tried all Lock Event Attribute options within Nuendo Preferences. None of these will let me drag my audio clip to another track while retaining it’s timecode position. Are there more lock options I’m missing?



In the Info line, there are more possibilities, what exactly, do you want to lock. You can lock position, size, other, or any combination of these. It’s up to you, what do you want to lock. If you lock the position, you can’t move the region neither left/righ either up/down (to different track). But you can copy it. So you can make a copy of the locked region to the new track, and delete the old one. Unfrtunately, if you make a copy of locked region, the new one isn’t locked.

About the mono/stereo marker, if you want to see mono/stereo ring, you have to make your tracks bigger. In default, this marker is on the last position of controls. but you can right click on the track, choose Track Controls Settings from the pop-up menu, and move the Channel configuration up. FOr example before the name, or after it. Sou you can see this on small tracks too.

Check my screenshots.

Thanks so much for the images and the reply. I simply want to lock by position, yet be able to drag to another track. But I want to do it without having to take other steps, such as snap to a cursor or anything like that. So far it seems this cant be done, which REALLY surprises me.

You can use the “constraint direction” modifier when moving from track to track which keeps position locked.

Preferences -> Editing -> Tool Modifiers -> Drag & Drop

The problem with this is, when I’m mixing a show I like to keep all of my clips locked so I don’t move something accidentally. So the constraint direction command still won’t help me.

Just assign a key command to lock/unlock. Very easy to select all events on a track, unlock, move (with constraint direction) and then re-lock. You can lock at the event level or track level.

I understand I can assign a key command. I just shouldn’t have to. I work very fast and It’s an extra step that’s unnecessary. They really should add a lock by timecode position option that still lets you drag clips to another track without having to unlock it first.

Different DAWs have different workflows…

When I lock a region in Nuendo by time there is that extra peace of mind that I can’t accidentally move it between tracks affecting signal flow.

I lock the positions on an OMF as soon as I get it. Lock the tracks as well. That way it’s always there as a reference of what the editor sent me.

The next step is always splitting the editor’s 1 or 2 dialog tracks into 6 or more for the premix, so it’s no extra work to constrain-drag a duplicate from the OMF original to the appropriate track. Since the position is locked (but not the length), I can then open the OMF handles for crossfades and fixes without worrying about sync.

Hey Jay,

I mix half hour and hour long documentary-style reality with tons of cuts. Sometimes I’m mixing 2 to 3 a week. That’s a lot of duplicating and moving to another track plus muting the original. Logic has a command called lock by timecode position, where it constrains it’s position but still lets you drag without a key modifier. On a big project I often have to drag clips 20+ tracks up or down in my sequence to another track. Working this way for over seven years, I’ve become stuck in my ways :slight_smile: It would just be nice to see that option added. You’d really appreciate it if you’ve used it for a bit.

Thanks for the help.

Hi Danny,

I was in the same boat a couple of years ago, coming from Pyramix. First I started using key commands for lock and unlock and got pretty fast at that. Still, it was a hassle and it kept bugging me. Then I came up with a better solution.

I created a macro that allowed me to select a clip and use Shift-Arrow Up/Down to move it to another track without having to manually unlock and lock it. Works like a charm and saves a hell of a lot of time.

I also made macros for moving clips to the left and to the right frame by frame using Command-Arrow Left/Right. All very easy to implement. If you need more details, let me know.


Hi Martijn,

Thank you for your response. Your work-around is an excellent one! I would love to know what the Macros you set up are. I’m still new to finding my way around Nuendo commands, so it would be of great help.

Thank You

I know I’ve seen this before, but I can’t find it - where is it?

found it (under “Track Controls Settings > Channel Configuration”)

Hi Danny,

Very simple actually:

Move up (assigned to Shift-Arrow Up):

Nudge-Up More

Move Down (assigned to Shift-Arrow Down):

Same thing, except: Nudge-Down More

Frame Left (assigned to Cmd-Arrow Left):


Frame Right (assigned to Cmd-Arrow Right):

Same thing, except: Nudge-Right

That’s it! I was very relieved finding out I could move clips up and down this way. That and the mousewheel controlling the event volume really helped move my workflow along. I do a lot of editing on a daily basis, so I’m always looking for improvements that speed up the process.

I hope you find it helpful. Let me know how you like it. Good luck!