Locking tempo of Halion Sequences to Cubase 9


I am new to some aspects of using vstis and Cubase together. Here is my question.

In Halion (and other vstis I own, there are arpegio sequences. I want to be able to use some of that pattern stuff and lock it to Cubase’s tempo so that the preset arpeggios follow Cubase temp. How do I accomplish this? Is there a way to do this with other programs as well?

I have not found the arpeggiators in cubase very user friendly. I’m still exploring that, but they just aren’t (compared to others) that easy to work with. Any ideas how to accomplish what I want to?



Most often, there is some SYNC button or similar. This will sync the VSTi tempo with the project tempo.

That’s what I have been looking for…Thanks

Not only is there a sync button on most arp. parts from Halion in general it’s engaged by default…