Locking the snap point

Is there a way to lock the snap point when resizing audio events, particularly when using the nudge tools? For example I have an audio part with the snap point at the start of the event, and I’d like to nudge the beginning of the file back to maybe 50ms before the start of the bar without changing the position of the audio itself or the snap point.

Perhaps you have already tried this, but you may set the snap point for the audio.


I’m not clear about what you mean. If you nudge the part backward, the snap point should move with it unless you re-locate the snap point. I’ve never tried to resize a part and see if the Snap Point Holds. I think it should, but I don’t know for sure.

Alternative, perhaps you can get the sound you want by delaying the track by 50ms?

Good luck with this.

Perhaps someone else will have a better idea. I’ll try to look at Snap Point on Resized Parts if I remember to. It’s a good question. I think the snap point should stay where it is set relative to the audio recording even if we use “Resize changes length” on a clip, but maybe not?