Locking Tracks in Place - Cubase Pro

Well, I messed up on Friday and moved the track for Stereo 7 into position 8, mixing up the inputs. Well, that resulted in about 6 hours of fixing, searching through and listening to a few hundred tapes, comparing them to bounced files. Is there a way to lock the position of tracks so that this doesn’t happen again? Any ideas?

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Let’s see how to be more clear…

I work as an audio preservationist. My work flow is to take 8 cassette decks and record them simultaneously in Cubase. So I name track 1 “x”, track 2 “y”, etc. Well, I moved the track with input 13-14 to the eight spot from the top, when it should have been in the seventh spot from the top, mixing inputs 13-14 with 15-16. Because I wasn’t keeping an eye on what track position had what inputs, I named the tracks incorrectly, causing chaos.

So is there a way to keep each track in it’s position, not allowing them to be dragged up or down? That’s what I mean by asking if the tracks can be locked in place. Any thoughts?

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