Lockups and it might be soundcard ??

I’m running an Echo Gina24 and things seemed to be going ok and then I started getting some terminal lockups i.e. only able to use the reset button on the front of my computer. I just notice that Echo has a bit of a warning on their site now saying pretty much use at your own risk. Before I go and buy a new card (I’m happy with this one) I would like to get a little input. For the record these lockups are what I consider termianl, I get no resonse from keyboard, mouse etc.

If you want more system info let me know. I can’t really say it’s the sound card but that’s about all I can think of. The card seems to work well in any other application I have. I know this explantion isn’t the best so let me know what else I can provide.

Win7 pro 64 bit & Cubase 5.xx

Total stab in the dark, but is your computer overheating?

Sorry for the garbled explanation. I was pretty pissed last night. I’ve been a Cubase user forever but no matter what, something always seems to happen and it precludes me from using the program any longer. I"m sorry to say but each version except for Cubase 3 has given me trouble. My projects are minimal. 2 or 3 audio tracks and that’s it.

The soundcard works fine in all other applications. I’m confident it is not a overheating issue (all temps are fine during operation). This happens during playback and/or recording. It’s just random. The screen locks, there is a high pitched low level buzz coming from Cubase. What’s funny about it is that the level meter in the transport bar seems to indicate and recognize (by reacting to it) the volume being produced by the “buzz”.

I’ve tried adjusting all the settings in the soundcard control panel etc etc. My system is capable of handling all of the project settings. I just don’t get it.