Lofi piano cant register

i clicked on the link to get lofi piano it sent me a code and as usual it gives error code in steinberg downloder saying you need newer version to register it.
i have the newest version and newest version of eliscencer.
but if you check the instrument tab you can download and install it i did this.
but its not showing up in halion 6 and i tried registring it in eliecsncer but its saying the code isnt long enough so im basically screwed.
did anyone actually get this too work?and how do you get rid of that error in steinberg downloader its been there from day one.

Put attention in that you are not using the download code instead of the activation code. This is always confusing. Very confusing.

I didn’t even get the activation email. It seemed to arrive in my inbox for a moment and then vanish. Very odd. It is not in my spam filter or Trash can. I really don’t get this.

YEP i didnt get the activation code too

you need to input the download code into your steinberg acount on here not the steinberg downloader software…for me the steinberg downloader software wont accept it but my steinberg account will.
once i put the code it it was instant :slight_smile:

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