LoFi Piano license warnings in "dongle-free" Cubase 12

Cubase Pro 12, Win1064

As far as I’ve understood, some “old” instruments/libraries, which licenses are still bound to the USB-eLicenser system, are not expected to work inside C12 unless the USB dongle system is up and running (drivers installed, USB dongle connected). Which makes sense, as their software looks for licenses inside the dongle and so if the dongle is missing also the license is inevitably reported as missing.
So, having lately the habit of using C12 in the so called “dongle-free” way, I had no wonder when my C12, at every start, showed an error message relating to the lack of licenses for Amped Elektra and LoFi Piano (which I’m not using in my recent projects).

Yesterday, however, after “upgrading” Amped Elektra as suggested by the Download Assistant, I noticed a change in the above mentioned behaviour.
Now, when I launch C12, I just get the warning about LoFi Piano, while the Amped Elektra one has disappeared. At first I thought that maybe Amped Elektra had been upgraded to the new license managing system, but then I noticed that, while the AE library is actually available inside Halion Sonic, the sounds can not be loaded due to missing license (the same behaviour as LoFi Piano).

So I have two questions:

  • are those libraries expected to behave in such two different ways?

  • is there a way to get rid of the warning messages (I know I can’t use them without dongle, don’t keep telling me) for both AE and LFP?

For Amped Elektra to work with the new Steinberg Licensing system, please make sure to claim your free upgrade voucher:

I would also recommend upgrading from Halion Sonic SE 3 to Halion Sonic 7 if you haven’t yet.


Thanks for your useful answer.
I followed your advice and easily upgraded AE to the new licensing system.

After that, as expected, I had no more warnings and AE sounds are now available.
Another (unforseen) thing happened, however:
also the LoFi Piano “missing license” warnings disapperared, and LoFi Piano sounds are now available as well.
In the mean time LoFi Piano disappeared from the “My Products” list in Steinberg site and also in the USB eLicenser and in the Activation Manager.

It seems that the AE, while migrating to the “new” license, has somehow… pulled LoFi Piano (also incorporating it) .

Is that expected to happen?