Log In Screw Up? or What?

To get onto Music Lounge -----
I log in with my Username then type in my Password. Everything is fine – log in successful.
I then click MySteinberg – then click Support and click FPT Archives and It now asks me for my name which is
already printed out there and my Password which I type in. I then get an invalid log on. Why is this??? I am
unable to download if I can’t get on, which I am already it seems?
Does anyone know the answer to this problem? Thanks

Hi John,

The MySteinberg login user name can be different than the forum name (is in my case). That can lead to confusion (does for me).

Maybe a mod/admin can throw some light on this situation?

Best Wishes,

That’s what I was afraid of a different password. I have so many it gets crazy. Thanks again. Seems I
always need help and you are there.

The forum name is created from within mysteinberg and is not used to log into the forum itself.

There should be no issues using a single sign-in throughout the entire website, however permissions might be at issue particularly if you have software (as opposed to hardware) licenses.