Log to analyze issues


There are some issues, like the one that can exist with malformed playback templates or broken routing links, or with missing fonts or imported images, that would be easier to find if there was a log generated by Dorico.

Is there a chance to implement something like this?


It’s not really clear what you’re asking for, Paolo. What is it exactly you expect Dorico to log for you?

Daniel, sorry for being so vague. Here are a couple examples.

  • As happened a few days ago, Dorico can’t find an instrument definition in my playback template. It takes an abnormally long time to communicate with the VSTi (Vienna Ensemble, in this case). This could be reported in a log file, saying that there is that odd behavior, and that it is linked with a missing instrument definition.

  • An instrument in the score is not routed to an instrument.

  • An instrument has no expression map and/or percussion map assigned in the endpoint configuration.

  • Fonts used in the score are missing from the system, or are damaged.

Things like this, that might help debug a score or the system.


Dorico already warns you about missing fonts, of course, when you open a project.

I agree that it would be helpful if Dorico could indicate some of these other things, but I don’t think a log file is the way to do it. If it would be helpful to know these things, it should be indicated in the user interface, not hidden away in some log file.

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Some of the playback configuration errors are contained in the application.log file. Of course, the vast majority of users probably have no idea that exists.

Some sort of visual feedback for this in Play mode would be really helpful. I got bit by this myself last week when a sound didn’t load due to a minor setup error with my main Playback Template. If that instrument could have been highlighted or otherwise somehow marked as unassigned, I would have caught it a lot sooner.

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