Logging out of SAM = deactivating a license?

I need to administer several Dorico licenses/Accounts for a collective project and want to make sure that the following statement is true:

Logging out of a SteinbergID in SAM automatically deactivates the license of Dorico on that Computer, thus the activation is returned to the pool of max. 3 activations of said Steinberg ID

Is this correct?

Edit: I know it’s stated to be deactivated when logging out, it’s the last bit of my statement that I want to have explicitly confirmed.

That is correct, signing out of SAM will explicitly release any activations associated with your computer’s hardware ID. The only caveat is that if you sign out when you don’t have a network connection then SAM will be unable to release your activations from the server, but it will still remove your login “tokens” and activation data from the local disk (you might be on a shared computer and so we don’t want to leave them behind).

So what happens in the offline case? Will the information be sent once the computer is online again or will that lead to losing one activation permanently?

It can’t be sent automatically once the computer is back online, because by that time you’re signed out and so you’re no longer authorised to access your records on the server. However, you could sign back in, re-activate and re-deactivate the licence and that would clear the activation. (Re-activating the same machine won’t require an extra activation, because from the server’s point of view it’s the same activation as it was before - the server is counting machines not transactions.) Essentially what’s happening is that activating and deactivating both need to send some information to the server about which machine is being activated/deactivated, so there always needs to be some sort of communication to the server for your record to be updated.


I have a question myself about this. What happens if my computer (Mac) undergoes a major change, like upgrading my Mac OS to a new version, changing the HD or upgrading RAM? Will the licence be still recognized, or is it better to deactivate the license, upgrade the computer, than reactivate the license?

Thank you for the clarification.

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If you are performing a large hardware upgrade such as replacing the motherboard/logic board or system drive then it would be a good idea to deactivate the licence, perform the upgrade, and then reactivate it. In many situations it will not be necessary but it is easy to do and there are some cases where the upgraded hardware will not be recognised as the same machine. Changing the OS version should be fine, though.

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Thank you very much.

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