Logi Options won't work with my Cubase key commands all of a sudden

Hello, I have a MX Master 3S and I’ve always programmed it with some of my key commands for Cubase Pro 12. But I recently got a new Macbook (coming from PC), and it stopped working all of a sudden. Worked for a bit, and then it didn’t.

I wonder if this has something to do with it: I backed up my key commands file from my PC to an external SSD and then restored that into the preferences folder on my new mac. It worked fine. But then when I wanted to create new key commands from there on out, I noticed that key command file wasn’t in the drop down menu so I created a new one and that’s when my mouse key commands stopped working (Cubase key commands work fine). I noticed when I dragged my original key command file from my external drive and replaced the new key commands file, my mouse worked with the key commands. But then how do I save new key commands from here on out?


Which file? Where is the file located, how is it named?