Logic 10.5 - What NOT to Copy

Some of you may be looking at the latest version of Logic (10.5) and now wishing that Cubase supported “Live Loops,” i.e., Ableton-style “scenes” that can be triggered on the fly to create arrangements in an interactive manner. I really, really hope Cubase doesn’t follow suit. Cubase is already a colossal program that doesn’t need any more bloat. If people want support for Live-style workflows, then use Live. Please leave Cubase for those of us who develop our arrangements in advance and don’t need to “jam” with different scenes to work out the song structure.

What would be cool is if HALion incorporated some of the autosampling features of the new “Sampler” plugin in Logic (the long-awaited replacement for the EXS24). I have a lot of hardware synths. It would be cool to auto-sample some of my favorite pads and so forth so that I can free up these expressive synths for other more dynamic sounds.

Agreed about an auto sampler function. Although honestly I would prefer if it was through Kontakt and not Halion.

Yes, hopefully Native Instruments will take a cue from Apple and implement autosampling features in Kontakt. However, I believe Kontakt can import EXS24 instruments. It will be interesting to see if Kontakt will read the new Logic Sampler instruments. That way you could use Sampler to autosample synths and plugin instruments and then convert these to Kontakt instruments.

The autosampler in Logic is the Redmatica auto sampler app that sold out to Apple a while back. Apple then bundled it in Mainstage, so you should be able to use Mainstage, which Apple sells for $30, to do your autosampling.

Hopefully cubase does copy this looping feature. It’s. A great idea.

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Yeah, I used to own the Redmatica Compendium (?) suite of apps. I have Mainstage but have never tried the autosampling features. I wonder if Apple has improved these features in the new Sampler instrument.

I agree with this 100%. Cubase has more features than almost any other DAW, and adding something like Live will never be as great as Live/Bitwig does it, and will add a huge amount of bloat. No DAW can or should be everything for everyone because it’s impossible. Cubase has gigantic strengths of its own and those should be made the best they can possibly be as opposed to trying to copy something like Live does. That’s just my opinion as someone who makes a living every day with Cubase.